Youth Services:

Summer Program

The summer academic enrichment program provide economically disadvantaged youth who live in the designated apartment complexes and trailer courts with a safe place, caring adults and constructive activities that encourage positive social, emotional, and cognitive outcomes.


Summer Program

The tutoring program enables the students to improve their grades, increase self-esteem, build confidence, and develop positive mentoring relationships. Students develop a sense of pride and accomplishment as their schoolwork, behavior, and social skills improve. Students learn how to work productively with others, exercise personal responsibility, and set and meet high standards and goals for themselves, building important skills for school, work, and life success.

How We Do It?

School administrators and teachers refer children to the program who are at high risk of academic failure, have social difficulties, attendance issues, emotional issues, children who are failing subjects, and/or students needing social skill building and positive role models.


Children, entering 2nd through 5th grade attend for five weeks during the summer. Curriculum focuses on reading, writing, math and natural science. The program aims to prevent summer learning loss among low-income youth. Curriculum includes reading, writing, math and natural science. Staff and volunteers work in small groups and one-on-one with youth which allows identification of learning needs and strengths.

Provide social skill-building activities, group games, and a group snack time all within an environment that strengthens character, focusing on the values of honesty, respect, responsibility and caring.

The program, breakfast, lunch, snacks, and bus transportation to and from the program site are provided free of charge to our participants.

Quotes from Parents


"The program keeps the kids 'thinking' and prepares them for the school year ahead. It also allows the children to interact socially to new people."


"The program has made the summer fun but productive for our child—academically and socially."


"The program helped my son get along with others and to solve conflicts."


"Thank you for your dedication to our children."


Quotes from Students


"I got better at multiplication and sportsmanship."


"I learned about the planets, multiplication, division, how to make new friends and how to hit a baseball."


"I learned baseball, math, working with other kids, sportsmanship."


“The most fun was soccer. The most helpful was math."


Community Partners


Olympia School District
North Thurston Public Schools
Tumwater School District