Youth Services:

After-School Programs

Chambers Prairie Elementary School


The TOGETHER! Chambers Prairie Elementary After School Tutoring Program provides economically disadvantaged youth with a safe place, caring adults and constructive activities that encourage positive social, emotional, and cognitive outcomes.


The tutoring program enables the students to improve their grades, increase self-esteem, build confidence, and develop positive mentoring relationships. Students develop a sense of pride and accomplishment as their study, homework habits, behavior, and social skills improve. Students learn how to work productively with others, exercise personal responsibility, and set and meet high standards and goals for themselves, building important skills for school, work, and life success.


21st Century ClubHouse After-School Programs

We also run after-school programs through the 21st Century Community Learning Centers model at:

Lydia Hawk Elementary

Meadows Elementary

'Pleasant Glade Elementary

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How Do We Do It?

School administrators and teachers invite children to the program who are at high risk of academic failure, have social difficulties, attendance issues, emotional issues, failing courses, and/or students needing social skill building and positive role models.


Provide 30–60 minutes of tutoring time and academic support activities per program day. Activities are designed to complement the school day curriculum and support learning objectives.

Provide social skill-building activities, group games, and a group snack time all within an environment that strengthens character, focusing on the values of honesty, respect, responsibility and caring.

Provide parents and caregivers strategies for helping children with their homework and invite them to participate in the program through volunteering, chaperoning and attending special events.

The program, transportation, field trips, and parent events are provided free of charge to our participants.

Quotes from Students


"I learned how to add fractions."


"I learned more spelling."


"I learned more math."


"I learned how to study for Passport."


Quotes from Parents


"I think the TOGETHER! after school program has been heaven sent. My child is doing better with his homework assignments because he has a quiet place to do it and someone who is aware of what is being taught to help him. I would not be able to help him as much as the TOGETHER! program."


"Thank you for being there. Thank you for your help."


"His self-esteem improved—loves the one-on-one help."


"She’s proud of her work."


"I feel that he is getting the support he needs to get his homework assignments done and done well."


Community Partners


Olympia School District
North Thurston Public Schools
South Sound YMCA

Lacey Sunrise Lions