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One of the Social Norms posters from Tumwater High SchoolEight Washington state high schools, through TOGETHER!, have implemented a Social Norms campaign, which uses posters to teach students the real numbers behind alcohol and drug use. It shows them the majority of kids do NOT use these substances, reversing negative peer pressure. The statistics in the posters are of students in that school, based on a survey the students took the previous year, so students can see the actual behaviors of their peers.. A new poster is put up around the school each month.


Here is TOGETHER! Operations Director Meghan Sullivan talking about Social Norms and showing some of the posters from the Tumwater High School campaign:


Voices of Youth

voices of Youth logoVoices of Youth is a primarily youth-driven collaboration of youth and adults, working on issues deemed important to youth, mostly within the categories of safety and health. Students at each participating school choose the projects they wish to focus on.


Some past successes including Rochester High School getting an NFL Fuel Up to Play 60 grant and installing a juice and smoothie bar; some schools ran anti-bullying campaigns and assemblies; a couple have run hygiene drives and offered hygiene education; and Tumwater High School created and sold water bottles so they could buy a water bottle filling station. South Sound High School has run stop-smoking campaigns and events for fellow students. There are so many other projects!


Check out the Voices of Youth page for more information and current events.




Teens Against Tobacco Use (TATU), is a peer-education program in which middle and high school students are trained to teach elementary students about the hazards of tobacco use.

A program that challenges teens to answer:

Why has the tobacco industry spent over $100 million in Washington State alone advertising their product? And why are youth their main target?

Why is tobacco, the only product on the market that used as intended will hurt or kill you, still legal?

Why are cigarette ingredients not listed on the pack?TATU logo

How is tobacco the number one cause of preventable death?


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