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The Thurston County Drug Action Team works on issues related to methamphetamine and other substances.TOGETHER! helps to convene the Drug Action Team, along with many law enforcement, government, business, and nonprofit representatives.




SpiceDeadly herbal mixture joins federally banned substances

Spice -- an herbal mixture laced with synthetic chemicals that mimic a marijuana high when it's smoked -- has grown in use and notoriety lately. Spice causes many side effects and scientists have found it to be quite harmful to the body. It can even cause death.

After it was banned by many states and jurisdictions, in November 2010 the Drug Enforcement Administration listed spice as a Schedule I controlled substance (illegal with no medical use).

If you have any questions about spice, call TOGETHER! at 360-493-2230. If you suspect someone may be experiencing health problems from using spice, take the person to your local hospital or call the Washington Poison Center at 800-222-1222.


Prescription drugs


Safe disposal

Thurston County officials and TOGETHER!, collaborating through the Prescription Drug Task Force, have opened five drop boxes for the safe and convenient disposal of old prescription medications. The locations:The prescription drug drop box at Tumwater City Hall

Thurston County Courthouse

Tumwater Police Department

Lacey City Hall

Tenino City Hall

Yelm City Hall

Rainier City Hall

These are the only places in the county where narcotics can legally be disposed of.


All medicines collected through the drop boxes are properly disposed of by law enforcement officials in such a way that they don't get into the hands of unauthorized users or into our water supply.

The boxes were phased in over time, starting with the county courthouse in January 2010. The second box was installed in Tumwater in April 2010 and the rest went in during the summer of 2010. During 2010, more than 2,100 pounds of drugs were collected from these 5 boxes.


If you live in Washington state but not in Thurston County, click the link below to find the drop box closest to you.


Drug disposal locations


Rx360 Washington


Raising the Awareness of Prescription Drug Abuse


TOGETHER!, in partnership with the Washington Association for Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention and the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, ran a pilot education program called Rx360 Washington. Through Rx360, health, prevention and treatment professionals come together to deliver presentations about the prevention of prescription drug abuse to community groups, concerned citizens and parents.


Informative and motivational, Rx360 challenges concerned citizens to take action to stop the spread of prescription drug abuse in their community.


The pilot program is over, and we now offer Rx360 presentations on a fee-for-service basis. Please contact us if you're interested in scheduling a training.


Coalitions, Partnerships

TOGETHER! is involved in several groups that fight drug abuse, including the Thurston County Drug Action Team.


We also work with partners to help make some of our programs happen, such as:

The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

Northwest HIDTA (High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area)

The federal Drug Free Communities program and the federal STOP program, both via the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Agency.

Washington State Department of Social & Health Services, Division of Behavioral Health & Recovery


Talk to your kids. go to


More resources

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