Board of Directors

The Board is designed as a forum to bring together representatives from a variety of interests and backgrounds to jointly examine issues, to build collaborations among groups where appropriate, and to collectively strengthen Thurston County's varying communities.

What Board Members have to say about TOGETHER!:


"The work TOGETHER! does in Thurston County is extremely important. TOGETHER!’s programs have a 20-year history of making meaningful, positive change in the lives of at-risk children.  Every child who is touched by TOGETHER! has a substantially better chance of leading a productive, healthy life."

- Rick Hughes


"The organization’s mission is critically important for our community’s positive future."

- Celia Nightingale


"North Thurston Public Schools has partnered with TOGETHER! in the prevention of violence, alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse among our youth. ... I have witnessed firsthand the positive impact the TOGETHER! program has made on the students in Thurston County.  I am honored to work collaboratively with a community-based organization such as TOGETHER! ... ."

- Karen Johnson

Board Members


TOGETHER! Board President Virgil Clarkson

President: Virgil Clarkson

Clarkson is a City Councilmember of Lacey with two stints as mayor, and a longtime member of TOGETHER!'s Board. He joined in 1998 and is one of only two current members who have served more than 10 years.


TOGETHER! Board Member Gerry Apple

Vice President: Gerry Apple

After years of partnering with TOGETHER! in other ways, Apple joined our Board in 2012. He is the advisor of the Shelton SADD Club and works with the PASS Board on drug and alcohol prevention in Mason County.


TOGETHER! Board Member Vickie Larkin

Treasurer: Vickie Larkin

Thurston County Drug Action Team founding member Larkin joined our Board in 2011 because of our youth-focused mission and her commitment to social service. She is the assistant to Thurston County Commissioner Cathy Wolfe.


TOGETHER! Board Secretary Brittany Sill

Secretary: Brittany Sill

TOGETHER! has worked with Sill in many ways over the years--as a staff member, as a partner when she was with Target Zero Thurston County, and as of 2013, a Board member. Sill is a policy analyst for the Association of Washington Cities.


TOGETHER! Board Member Glenn Cramer

Glenn Cramer

Cramer has years of law enforcement, leadership and state government knowledge and experience. He joined the board in 2010 to "set an example of selfless leadership."


TOGETHER! Board Vice President Farah Derosier

Farah Derosier

Derosier, a member since 2010, is a paralegal at LOTT Clean Water Alliance who also brings rural-county and motherhood perspectives to the Board. She is passionate about making sure all kids are safe and healthy.


TOGETHER! Board Member Ed Hildreth

Jon Emerson

After following our work for years, Emerson applied for and joined the Board in 2014. He has strengths in business, finance and education and loves kids.



TOGETHER! Board Member John Hutchings

John Hutchings

"Hutch" is the Tenino Police Chief, formerly with the Olympia Police Department, and a Fulbright Police Fellow. His scholarship took him to England to study critical incident stress. He's been on the Board since 2008.



TOGETHER! Board Member Judy Kimeldorf

Judy Kimeldorf

Kimeldorf has a history of work in school groups and nonprofit management. She joined the Board in 2011 to strengthen the ties between TOGETHER! and Little Red Schoolhouse, which she chairs.


TOGETHER! Board Member Karen Kirkpatrick

Karen Kirkpatrick

Kirkpatrick is the city attorney in Tumwater. With a career in the public sector, she offers the Board some great policy and legal experience. "Health and safety are the fundamental building blocks for successful youth," she says.


TOGETHER! Board Member Vickie Larkin

Dan Nicholson

A local business owner, Nicholson joined our board in October 2014. He is an actively engaged volunteer in the community with a background working in juvenile detention. We're excited to have him on board!


TOGETHER! Board Member Dusty Pierpoint

Dusty Pierpoint

Pierpoint is the Chief of Police for the Lacey Police Department. He is our third longest-serving member overall, having joined in 1997, and one of only two current members who have served more than 10 years.


TOGETHER! Board Vice President Celia Nightingale

Cynthia Pratt

Lacey City Councilwoman Pratt joined the Board in 2010. She also serves on the Thurston Council for Children and Youth, and is involved with other youth-focused efforts in the community. She was vice president before being elected treasurer.


TOGETHER! Board Member Dusty Pierpoint

Mary Segawa

After 14 years on TOGETHER! staff, Segawa left in 2010, but remained a steadfast partner of the agency in her new prevention work for the state. She joined us in her new Board capacity in 2014.


TOGETHER! Board Member Michael Smith

Michael Smith

Smith jonied our Board in 2014. He is an assistant principal at River Ridge High School with a teaching career before that, and has previously worked with drug-troubled youth. He's a community volunteer and coach too.


TOGETHER! Board Member Cathy Wolfe

Cathy Wolfe

Thurston County Commissioner Wolfe was brought on as an ex officio Board member in 2010. She also works with TOGETHER! through the Thurston Council for Children and Youth.


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